Videotec introduces new DCZ keyboard

The new DCZ keyboard allows you to manage CCTV applications from a PC via USB connection.

This keyboard comes with jog shuttle, joystick, 38 backlit keys and alarm buzzer and can be easily integrated with control systems using basic programming techniques without an SDK. Its functions depend solely on the application concerned.

You can use the DCZ keyboard to manage applications already on the market, emulating a 4-axis HID joystick with 24 keys. It can also be connected together with ordinary PC peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse, joysticks or other accessories. It is powered via USB cable and requires only one cable for it’s use.

The use of the keyboard can be made even more intuitive by personalizing the captions on the key panel: the user can therefore easily personalize and print the pre-cut sheets included when the unit is supplied. A layer of transparent plastic protects each printed panel against wear.

The keyboard can be turned round so that both right- and left-handed users can use all the functions with ease.

This simple user-friendly and fully implementable keyboard allows you to easily and confortably manage all cctv application froma PC.