Secura Key offers new 2-door access control kits

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA - Secura Key announces two new models of their highly successful e*Access Kits.

e*ACCESS kits contain everything you need to install a two-door access control system – just add door locks and cabling! These convenient kits are very popular because they offer the lowest cost-per-door in the industry for a two-door panel.

These two new e*ACCESS5 and e*ACCESS6 “Starter Kits” are provided without cards, allowing the dealer to custom order credentials, in cases where the 25-pack of ISO cards with standard artwork is not appropriate. Kits 5 and 6 are for customers who prefer keytags or those who need cards with no printing, custom printing, or a specific facility code or numbering.

Kits 5 and 6 contain the SK-ACP panel, a power supply, two readers, SK-NET software, a user manual, and a cable that connects the panel to a PC. Kits 1 and 2 include all the above, plus a starter pack of 25 e*Tag cards. The e*ACCESS 3 & 4 Add-On Kits include only the panel, power supply and two readers, allowing the dealer to get kit pricing without paying for the extra components.

"The reception for e*ACCESS kits by new and existing dealers is incredible," says Charles Anthony, Secura Key Regional Sales Manager. “These new Add-On kits make it even easier for dealers to be competitive, now when the need for security is up, and security budgets are tight."

Secura Key’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Chatsworth, California. Further information on Secura Key is available at