French National Gendarmerie uses IP video to secure barracks

Paris, November, 2009 - ATEME was chosen by NextiraOne and the French National Gendarmerie to supply encoding solutions including transmission, recording and transcoding for a project to secure the barracks of the Gendarmerie in Corsica.

" NextiraOne and ATEME won a request for tender for the protection of police quarters in Corsica. 3 of the 20 barracks equipped were targeted by an attack in 2009. The night images retrieved by the investigators provided relevant usable information in each incident. The solution of transferring real-time video images transmits over the secure network the gendarmerie towards the operational rooms. The quality of the image compression allows us to cross encryption and firewalls while preserving the control of the bandwidth ", say the officers responsible for the project within the division of Telecommunications and IT Department of the French National Gendarmerie

The solution proposed by ATEME, is constituted by multi-stream encoders (SyLON VSIP4) and network recorders (SyLON NVR). The SyLON VSIP4 is a rack system of H.264 encoders offering a modular and compact solution capable of managing up to 80 cameras per 3U rack. The encoded video streams are continuously recorded on centralized recorders called SyLON NVR's. Thanks to the integrated transcoding function in the recorder, videos are accessible remotely from the command centers of the National Gendarmerie, via low bandwidth networks.

" Strong in its experience in the domains of personal protection and possessions, NextiraOne sourced ATEME solutions for their capacity to respond to the particular requirements of the National Gendarmerie. This choice allowed the building of a strong and evolutionary architecture, considering the compact equipment and the approach towards open-source software," comments Anne Le Port, Marketing Director of NextiraOne France.

"ATEME's proposed solution is based on H.264 video compression which allows serious bandwidth and storage savings while at the same time guaranteeing a high level of video quality", says Philippe DEBAYE, Sales Director of ATEME Defence and Security, France. " The compliance to the standards of video compression and to its transport over IP networks of the ATEME solutions, allows the proposal of an open and compatible solution with the existing environment of the National Gendarmerie using opensource software (Linux, Firefox, VLC etc.) ", he added.