Axcess International to use Genuine HID technology

Company's Dot wireless credential creates advanced workforce solutions

DALLAS, TX, October 27, 2009 – Axcess International, a provider of intelligent Wireless Credentials, has entered into a license agreement with HID Global to use HID proximity technology in the Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credential product. Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credential encompasses local location identification, tracking and control capabilities. HID proximity technology is recognized as the industry standard for low frequency physical access control. By combining HID Global’s strength in secure credentialing with Axcess’ solutions, a single secure credential can be used to cost-effectively and conveniently solve additional business problems throughout an enterprise.

Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credential product is designed to enable existing proximity access control systems to be expanded easily into advanced workforce management solutions for improving security, safety, compliance reporting and efficiency. Wireless Credentials provide businesses real time visibility into the location and status of their labor and assets inside their operation. Wireless Credentials also enable numerous applications that have proven to provide near immediate returns for customers across multiple industry segments. Axcess is authorized to use HID technology and applicable patents in its Wireless Credentials under the Genuine HID Technology program.

Axcess is a leader in developing automated identification, tracking and sensing solutions. Axcess’ Dot Wireless Credentials were recently used to help protect President Obama during his April visit to Trinidad for the 5thSummit of the Americas Conference <> . The many applications proven in worldwide use include:

* * * *Automated Internal Zonal Security Monitoring – made possible by Axcess’ technology
* * * * *Automated Visitor Tracking – for enhanced security and no escort burden
* * * * *Contractor Time and Attendance Data Collection – for improving billing accuracy as much as 14%
* * * * *Automatic Asset Protection (via automated asset-to-custodian linking) – for labor optimization and asset protection, saving as much as 4% of asset base annually
* * * * *Emergency Evacuation Accounting (required by law) – for improving life safety in the event of a catastrophe
* * * * *Real-Time Personnel Performance Measurement – for labor supervision and optimization
* * * * *Automatic Compliance Reporting – for management and government agencies
* * * * *Process Automation – for efficiencies where personnel, asset and material activities are automated
* * * * *Business Intelligence (BI) Data Collection – enables real-time, continuous data collection of personnel and asset movements for BI initiatives

The license agreement between HID Global and Axcess International was established under HID Global’s HID Connect Partner program, which offers a variety of marketing opportunities to help partners leverage the HID Global brand and installed base. Through this worldwide network of HID Global partners, end-users can easily find third-party solutions that solve business needs through the innovative use of HID technology. The Genuine HID Technology trademark provides customers with the means to quickly identify third-party products that are manufactured using authentic HID Global technology.

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