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Camden releases integrated telephone entry and access control system

Camden Door Controls has announced the introduction of their new Invision TAC integrated telephone entry and access control system. Invision TAC is designed to offer more features at a lower equipment cost with easier installation than other systems currently in the market.

Invision TAC is a 500 name, 8 line, auto-dialer telephone entry system that allows installers to network (via RS485) up to 4 local panels and up to 16 card readers, along with elevator control. The system can be ordered for local (hardwire) programming (via USB), where there is on-site management ir it can be supplied with a modem, making it ideal for multiple building, off-site, management. Both the telephone entry and access control functions utilize a common configuration and reporting software platform. Invision TAC is supported with a choice of HID/AWID compatible card readers. Camden also has a wide selection of other wiegand readers, keypads, and RF controls that may be used with the system.

In announcing the introduction of the Invision TAC system, David Malen, President, stated, "Camden’s new Invision TAC system delivers a new level of sophisticated and fully integrated telephone entry and access control. The system not only changes the 'status quo' by delivering large system/sophisticated features at a 'small system' price, Invision TAC is also designed to make it easier for property managers to monitor and update tenant records in multiple facilities."

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