Mitsubishi upgrades 8, 16-channel DVRs to H.264 compression

IRVINE, California (October 14, 2009) – In a move that optimizes the performance and stability of its 8- and 16-channel digital video recorders, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America has upgraded the video compression for the DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U to run on both H.264 and MPEG-4 selectable formats. These updates give the security market the compression it’s been looking for by incorporating two leading video compression technologies.

The updated video compression with H.264 allows both the DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U DVRs to generate crystal-clear images by compressing image frames using powerful algorithms and de-blocking filters. The new upgrade means that security professionals now have the option to choose the optimal compression depending on the project or location, with both the H.264 and MPEG-4 delivering a total recording speed of 120 images per second.

“The new H.264 technology assures users the finest quality and low bandwidth,” said Jeff Kiuchi, security market product specialist for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. “With its competitive price, rich features, and powerful remote software, the new series will prove itself a new leader in the mass video surveillance market.”

The resolution, quality and recording speeds are all programmable on the DVR, which grants even greater control for the user. Both DVRs feature PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controls and system health monitoring, and they continue to maintain three CIF (common intermediate format) resolution levels. Both DVRs also come with a three-year limited warranty and emergency replacement assistance that provides next business day replacement product for system failures.

“The upgraded compression format means that security professionals have more control,” continued Kiuchi. “Adding more control to the design and performance makes the DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U among the most secure DVRs on the market.”