Hikvision, NUUO integrate solutions

May, 2010 - Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the leading supplier of digital video surveillance products, today announced the integration of NUUO NVR (IP+) software and NVRmini with a wide range of its network cameras. The DS-2CD7xx/8xx series network cameras, DS-2DF1-4xx/6xxH and DS-2DM1-6xxH network speed domes, and digital video servers DS-6104HCI-SATA, DS-6101HFI-IP and DS-6101HFI -SATA are all supported by NUUO.

Based on TI's DaVinci platform, Hikvision network cameras deliver high-quality video streams in real time. Using the latest H.264/MPEG-4 video codec, the network cameras greatly optimize the use of bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality. The cameras support a dual compression stream, in which the sub-stream allows for remote preview and mobile phone monitoring. PTZ control, auto iris and auto/manual IR-cut filter removal among other features are also supported by Hikvision network speed domes.

As a flexible and cost-efficient solution which can manage IP/megapixel cameras, the NUUO PC based NVR (IP+) adopts open platform technology supporting 37 brands of IP/megapixel cameras with more than 700 models. This software features NUUO intelligent video solution (IVS), event detections, intelligent playback search, and other handy tools including intuitive GUI recording schedule, E-map, mobile (3G) support, etc. Moreover, it is supported by authentic NUUO Central Management System which is a true monitoring and management solution that supports unlimited number of cameras.

In addition to the NVR software, Hikvision's network cameras are also supported by NUUO's standalone NVR - NVRmini. With Linux embedded, a NUUO NVRmini coupled with Hikvision network cameras can offer the most stable, open, ease of installation platform for small to mid-size applications, such as factories, buildings, supermarkets, offices, transportation systems and homes.

"We are very pleased to see that with the performance of Hikvision H.264 megapixel cameras, NUUO PC-based NVR and NVRmini standalone DVR enable users to use its intelligent video analysis with high accuracy, in addition, we see many more extended applications in global market based on our open platform," said Deane Liu, partner alliance manager of NUUO.

"As a long-term partner of NUUO, we are very pleased to integrate our products with their software to bring the leading surveillance solutions to market," said Tony Yang, international market director of Hikvision. "This collaboration clearly demonstrates our efforts to provide more value-added products and solutions for customers worldwide."