Visonic releases enhanced multi-tenant solution for its PowerMax Pro alarm system

Bloomfield, CT - April 2010 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components has released an enhanced multi-tenant, partitions-enabled PowerMaxPro system. The system can be split into multiple areas or partitions, allowing it to be used as if multiple individual alarm systems are installed. Arming and disarming are performed separately for each area, but the system uses only one communication line, and home and business owners only pay for a single control panel and one monitoring fee.

Alarm systems with robust and reliable partitioning capabilities are in increasing demand. Today's tough economic climate is driving more and more homeowners to rent out a portion of their home and small businesses to share office premises. Additionally, in buildings with residential units over commercial space, the upstairs apartment is likely to have different user and security setting requirements than the downstairs store. In these scenarios, home and business owners want to protect their property without purchasing multiple alarm systems or taking on additional monthly expenses. Moreover, they need premises-wide management through a single control panel or keypad for all the partitions.

Typically, arming and disarming a security system turns the entire system on and off. However when the system is in partitions mode, the user can arm and disarm designated parts without affecting the status of other parts. The partitioned system may also include multiple common areas such as a reception in a shared office complex or a corridor between two independent parts of an apartment. Naturally none of the users wants this area armed until all partitions are armed; and if one owner enters the joint premises, then this common area should automatically disarm when one of the parts is disarmed.

"Partitioning is not a new concept in the home security industry" says Laila Arad-Allan, VP of Marketing at Visonic. "However, as with many other security features, robustness, reliability and ease-of-use of these features are what ultimately distinguish between strong and weak solutions. Partitioning—if designed improperly—can result in complexity that leads to a bumpy and time-consuming installation and a poor end-user experience. Before developing our multi-tenant solution, we listened to our customers – security professionals and homeowners alike –and understood their needs. As a result, we designed a solution that is simple and straightforward. It’s easy to understand, easy to install, and easy to use."

Multi-tenant, partitions-enabled PowerMaxPro systems are now available, and multi-tenant capabilities for other Visonic PowerMax systems will be available in Q3 2010.