ON Semiconductor introduces two new PoE devices

PHOENIX, Ariz. – September 29, 2008 - ON Semiconductor, a global leader of efficient power solutions, has announced the availability of the NCP1080 and NCP1081, two new members of its Power over Ethernet (PoE) product family. The NCP1081 is the industry’s highest power integrated Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) supporting extended power ranges up to 40 watts (W) of regulated power delivered to the application load in a 2-pair configuration. Both devices fully support the IEEE 802.3af standard and the NCP1081 enables the latest approved IEEE 802.3at draft (D3.0) standard including two event physical layer classification. Typical applications targeted by NCP1080 and NCP1081 include VoIP phones, wireless access points, Industrial Ethernet devices, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and dome IP cameras, RFID base stations, WiMax modems and could be considered for PC laptops.

Supplied in a TSSOP-EP20 package measuring just 4.4 mm x 6.5 mm, the pin-compatible NCP1080/1 combine in a single chip an enhanced PoE-PD interface and a highly efficient DC-DC converter controller. These highly integrated solutions reduce bill-of-materials (BOM) counts by up to 67 percent compared to other two chip solutions. The exceptional high power capabilities of the NCP1081 opens the door to a new class of products powered directly over Ethernet lines, eliminating the need for local power adaptors or power supplies and drastically reducing overall installation and maintenance costs.

The NCP1080/1 leverages ON Semiconductor’s automotive qualified high-voltage SmartPower process to provide superior cable ESD and surge protection levels compared to other integrated PD and DC-DC converter controllers. Low on-resistance (Ron) and extended temperature range allows the NCP1080/1 to achieve record power levels while operating in harsh environments.

"ON Semiconductor has an impressive track record in process, design and system innovations to solve our customers’ problems," said Bob Kirk, ON Semiconductor marketing director of communications high-voltage Business Unit. "This enables us to identify and develop innovative products, such as high power PoE-PD, for a broad range of markets."

The NCP1080/1 takes advantage of new and emerging power sourcing equipment (PSE). The NCP1080/1 devices support an adjustable under-voltage lock out mechanism, offer an integrated classification loop and allow for external programming of key parameters. Over-temperature protection and a two event physical layer classification indicator on the NCP1081 are standard features.

The devices' integrated DC-DC converter controllers facilitate the implementation of popular and proven single-ended power supply topologies such as fly-back, buck and forward converters and use a control scheme based on peak current control. The controllers have all the features needed for a flexible, robust and highly efficient design, including programmable frequency, slope compensation and soft startup.

Pricing and Availability

The NCP1080/1 are currently available. Budgetary pricing for the NCP1080 is $1.45 USD and for the NCP1081 $1.80 USD for quantities of 1,000 units and above. NCP1081 and NCP1080 evaluation boards are available. For more information, please contact your local sales representative at www.onsemi.com.