Vista releases new number plate recognition systems

1st May 2009, Reading UK- Vista has released new Protos and Lite automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems to allow for the accurate capture of number plates in a variety of situations.

The Lite range has been specifically designed to take the complexity out of number plate recognition by providing only those features needed for the majority of applications. Building on a proven system, it is so simple to install and use that Vista is confident you will not find an easier solution aimed at the small to medium sized application market and priced to make ANPR a realistic option.

VNPR Lite provides a complete, ready to use, back-end solution for ANPR – including PC, capture cards, relay cards, keyboard, mouse and all appropriate database software with full audit trail and password protection.

The Protos range allows for fully integrated multi-lane systems and can control up to eight lanes of traffic via a single Controller. For larger systems, the multiple units can be linked to a server which will hold a central database of all the information received. The software allows for analysis information and producing reports on traffic flow or car park usage.

Because of the sophistication of the software, bespoke packages can be written for site specific requirements. Car park access can be time or user category controlled and over-stay/under-stay periods monitored.

“The two ranges make it very simple to choose the most relevant ANPR solution for a huge range of applications,” says Mark Pritchard, Vista divisional director. “Because they both use extremely reliable technology they can be counted on to get the required results, time and again.”

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