Tekstar Optical introduces world’s smallest 40X lens

Tekstar Optical is introducing the smallest 40X motorized zoom lenses available on the market today with its new high-quality ‘’Made in Japan’’ TEK40X series.

The new 10-400mm F4.5-360 lenses measure only 6.22" (158mm) long and weigh only 28.22 oz. (800g) making it an ultra compact addition to the company’s existing 20X, 30X, 50X and 100X product lines.

With the latest IR coating technology from Japan that allows unsurpassed optical quality through 950nm, the TEK40X series is the perfect solution for various industrial, commercial and military applications including harbors and borders, where high definition and long range day/night video surveillance is critical.

The TEK40X series is available in four versions with various options:

• TEK40XDCIR (DC Iris)
• TEK40XDCPIR (DC Iris, Preset)
• TEK40XVIR (Video Iris)
• TEK40XVPIR (Video Iris, Preset)

‘’No one else in the industry even come close with this new addition to Tekstar`s already impressive line-up, now boasting 20X,30XIR,40XIR,50X,and the only 100X with IR coatings,’’ said Glenn Wolk, president of Tekstar Optical.

The company's current varifocal lens assortment feature all glass color corrected optics incorporating the latest IR coating technology.
For further information visit Tekstar Optical on the web at www.tekstaroptical.com or call 888-LENSGUY.