Milestone introduces new XProtect software development kit

Version 3.3 provides users with 'rich and robust' application programming interfaces

The Milestone XProtect SDK 3.3 includes new API code samples, updated and new documentation, integration to XProtect Corporate and the ImageServer interface. The Video OS SDK includes a timeline expansion, token timers, exception handling for the Recording Server and export functionality. The ImageViewer ActiveX now includes support for the improved video compression format H.264 used by some new network camera models, and for the XProtect Analytics Framework that aggregates solutions from multiple vendors in one interface – two important advancements in video surveillance. There are also APIs for the Milestone ImageServer, DirectShow filter with Active Directory support, the Download Manager, XProtect Matrix and XProtect Central, as well as the Milestone EngineManager.

To further strengthen third-party integrations, Milestone provides optional technical support and training in the SDK. Moreover, Milestone has a dedicated consultancy team that develops custom-specific integrations and extensions on the complete range of Milestone products.