Brivo launches OnSite Aparato

Bethesda, MD, June 01, 2010 - Brivo Systems LLC, the leader in Software as a Service applications for security management, today announced availability of ACS OnSite Aparato, a full-featured appliance-based access control solution with unmatched built-in security features.

The OnSite Aparato's Trusted Platform Module (TPM), compliant with ISO Standard 11889, securely stores passwords, digital keys, and certificates directly in the system. Aparato is the only TPM-equipped access control solution on the market.

The TPM, standard in every Aparato system, is a hardware-backed software integrity verification function with fully encrypted data storage, employing the government's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. Use of this standard enhances security and ensures data is safe from both software attacks and physical theft. The TPM also guards against unauthorized modification of application software, provides tamper detection, and simplifies software upgrades by eliminating tokens and other peripheral security measures-resulting in a lower cost of ownership than smart cards and other software-based technology.

Aparato's TPM isn't the only system feature garnering market attention. After its debut at March's ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, OnSite Aparato quickly received positive feedback from industry experts and security dealers. Steve Lasky, Security Technology Executive's Editor-in-Chief and Publisher voiced how he was impressed with the platform's licensing model that "allows users maximum flexibility to build and grow their system," and its "capacity of 1,000 readers and 500,000 active card holders." Authorized Brivo Dealers are also excited about the new offering, and are extolling the many new features; for example, the ability to add graphic maps with real-time status updates and a comprehensive threat level lockdown feature.

Other standout features include offering fully integrated badging, elevator control, and video integration. OnSite Aparato provides the tools users are demanding for a comprehensive security management system-including the ability for secure, automated back-ups.

OnSite Aparato is the successor to Brivo's OnSite SE/XE systems. So that current OnSite SE/XE customers can take advantage of OnSite Aparato's many new features and capabilities, Brivo has simplified the upgrade process by making SE and XE back-up files compatible with OnSite Aparato.