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Pelco introduces DX8100 DIACAP compliant DVR

Clovis, CA (June 2, 2010) – Pelco is pleased to announce the introduction of its new DX8100 Version 2.0D, the DIACAP certified version of the company’s highly acclaimed DX8100 series digital video recorder.

According to company officials, Pelco is leading the video security industry in developing solutions that comply with DIACAP standards compliance – the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process. Specific to the United States Department of Defense IA (Information Assurance) requirements, the Pelco DX8100 v2.0D has met strict government security standards through this compliance testing and has received an approval to operate (ATO) by the Department of Defense.

Reginald Marbray, President and CEO of ARINBE Technologies in Arlington, Virginia, a U.S. government subcontractor, affirms Pelco’s efforts. "DIACAP certification is a strenuous process. Few manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to ensure their products are compliant with the focus and dedication that Pelco has demonstrated. This makes our job easier and brings the U.S. Department of Defense a secure CCTV recording solution."

"DIACAP is a critical part of Pelco’s commitment to the large number of military customers we are privileged to serve," says Danny Graves, Pelco Information Assurance Team Leader. "This certification indicates that a device is accredited as safe to work on the DOD network infrastructure and that certain information assurance controls have been installed to maintain a certain level of security while operating on government networks."

Various federal and state agencies use this standard as a test to indicate authority for compliant devices to operate on one of their networks. "Any device on a DOD network, for example, must meet certain mandatory requirements," says Kevin Carpenter, Pelco Government Industry Solution Manager. "DIACAP-level compliance is one of those standards, and the DX8100 Version 2.0D is the first DIACAP-compliant product from Pelco."

Further information on the Pelco DX8100 DIACAP certified version DVR can be found at DX8100 v2.0D <>. In addition to DIACAP compliance for DX8100, Pelco is also working with various government agencies for compliance of its Endura and various camera products.