Digital Sandbox celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Company has become a leading provider of risk analysis, management solutions

"The RAC gives us a highly flexible way to deliver managed risk services," explains Beverina. "Our state and local customers tend to use Site Profiler to manage their data collection, analysis, and reporting of risk information, but still need our expert counsel to help them interpret risk results to apply for funding, allocate resources, and plan security and response operations. Federal and commercial clients tend to leverage our analytics through a managed services arrangement where Digital Sandbox analysts and customer analysts work together to solve their strategic risk management challenges." Beverina further noted that the RAC gives Digital Sandbox the means to serve individual client needs, cross-feeding ideas and methods throughout federal, state, and local governments, as well as commercial markets.

"In the late 90s, the idea of automating risk analysis was practically heresy, but we believed we could do it with our new analytic ideas and a strong commitment to building products the right way." said Linwood Hudson, director of product engineering and also a company co-founder. "By leveraging commercial technology, Digital Sandbox has been able to integrate with geospatial systems and other enterprise systems to find exciting new ways to help our clients manage risk."