NUUO to launch new DVR card at IFSEC

NUUO SCB-7000 series is a PC-based analog camera solution. With its powerful encoding ability, the SCB-7000 series supports all channels recording at D1 resolution with 30 frames per second. In order to minimize the record data, NUUO SCB-7000 series supports H.264 format that can reduce the data size by around 50% compared to MPEG-4. Moreover, NUUO SCB-7000 with PCI-E interface DVR card provides high-performance server networking to improve transmitting speed and reduce losing stream. These superior features ensure a crystal-clear video quality.

“NUUO hybrid software allows IP and analog cameras to work together in the same system. With a system comprising up to 64 channels, cameras can be installed more flexibly. From SMB to large-scale projects,” Said Amoson Hsu, product manager of NUUO, Inc. installers do not need to learn different software because NUUO software can support all these different situations. Meanwhile, supporting 31 IP camera brands also enlarges the flexibility. With more than 520 IP camera models, users can select different IP cameras depending on their particular situation.

NUUO software also provides a Smart Guard feature to provide more detection. In addition to being able to detect motion, the video analysis features can also be used to warn users of any objects that are missing and to detect any foreign objects. Camera occlusion, focus loss, and signal loss for different environments can also be detected on the video analysis. NUUO software has ten instant responses that can be applied via Smart Guard, giving users instant warning and alarm when any event occurs.

Different from general DVR solutions, NUUO provides a Central Management System (CMS) to solve the remote live view/ playback and alarm management issue. Through NUUO CMS, users can obtain all live streams and recorded data from remote sites. Because of the structure of NUUO CMS, recorded data will not be affected if the CMS server crashes. Users can still find the original data at the local site. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the loss or destruction of important evidence or events.