Oncam Global introduces the IPZoom 360-degree, 5-megapixel camera

Camera equipped with software that directs a co-located IP PTZ camera to interrogate suspicious events

SecureVisionView President Bob Miller, whose company also remotely monitors the activity, said, "This is far better and more cost-effective than having a patrolling security guard or even a network of stationary PTZ cameras. The IPZoom-IP PTZ duo can instantly focus on a situation, move around an area of interest or closely follow a subject."

He continued: "We're able to better and more quickly assess an event and, if necessary, even let our data-storage customer remotely view the images on a computer or cell phone. False-alarm calls to the local police can be virtually eliminated."

Miller added that the IPZoom 360ø camera will also prove to be an effective security solution for his other clients, some of which need to secure large, open premises, such as marinas, construction sites, and car dealerships.

The Oncam IPZoom 360ø camera is the latest addition to the technologies that Oncam Global deploys when architecting security solutions that focus on first understanding potential threats and not just "throwing various unconnected technologies into a mix, as is often the case," said Ionson, who also heads the U.S.-based subsidiary.

He explained: "When we know who or what we need to look for we can build a set of likely scenarios and characteristics associated with an adversary. Then we pull together the appropriate technologies designed specifically to identify actions that would allow adversaries to reach their goals. Once those actions are identified and then verified, the threat they pose would be met by an appropriate response. Without such a process, a response is unlikely to match the threat level, often with overreaction, incurring unnecessary costs and disruption.

"The IPZoom solution supports our SATIV approach to applying technologies, which covers surveillance, acquisition, tracking, interrogation and verification," continued Ionson. "This advanced imaging capability enables personnel to drill down and interrogate an acquired target, obtaining as much data as possible, while never losing sight of the overall picture. It allows for a threat to be more accurately assessed and for the proper action to be taken."

About Oncam Global Group

Oncam Global Group is a total-security-solutions company founded in 2009. It is the architect of fully scalable solutions that are based on its three-pronged approach to each situation: Knowing your adversary, understanding the threat profile, and building a solution that deploys best-in-breed technologies, such as its own 360ø IP camera line, that support the Oncam five-stage SATIV approach to verifying threats to assure an appropriate response. The company, which also teams with systems integrators to customize security solutions and has a technology partnership with North American Video, a market leader in providing security solutions to the gaming, retail, transportation and financial industries, among others. The Group has subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. For more information, please visit www.oncamglobal.us/