SafeData issues business continuity white paper

Warwick, R.I. - December 3, 2008 -SafeData, LLC, a technology company focused on helping companies protect their data, minimize downtime and recover and restore data quickly, today announced that it has issued a new white paper titled: "Business Continuity Simplified: An Executive Guide to Virtualized Windows Data Backup and Recovery."

This white paper discusses the challenges of small and mid-sized organizations that are dependent on their Windows environments for business continuity. It provides details on the diverse Windows backup and recovery options for businesses from tape and high availability options to electronic vaulting with recovery and virtualized recovery, and the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions.

"With nearly one billion Microsoft Windows users around the globe, the livelihood of countless organizations lies in their Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel applications," explained Peter Briggs, president of SafeData. "Backup and recovery of this data is a necessity for business continuity, especially with compliance and due diligence requirements. This paper is focused specifically on the Windows environment and the various data protection technologies available for small and mid-sized businesses."

The white paper is available for download at: