LightLOC solutions address new NRC monitoring guidelines

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C., Apr 23, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LightLOC Perimeter Protection Security Systems, a Woven Electronics LLC company, offers nuclear facilities a customizable solution to meet the new unattended access point detection guidelines.

The NRC recently announced new guidelines, 10 CFR 73.55, ( that mandates unattended openings and underground pathways are monitored at NRC regulated facilities. These new guidelines become effective on May 26, 2009 and all sites must deploy a detection solution by March 31, 2010.

The LightLOC suite of products offer a variety of hardware solutions monitoring access points through fiber optical strands and requiring no local power. Fiber is laced within the hardware, securing the access point with complete coverage for any attempted intrusion.

LightLOC products are engineered for zero false alarms which differentiates it from other fiber based security systems. The unique design of the SmartGRATE insures no alarms resulting from water flow, vibration, debris, wildlife, or other movement. No "false alarms" mean there isn't a need for redundant physical monitoring, which reduces cost and increases efficiency.

LightLOC can be installed in concrete, metal, or plastic pipes and is ideal for semi-exposed pipes without headwalls, LightLOC is available in all standard sizes and it can be custom designed and manufactured according to site requirements.

The LightLOC monitoring software will integrate seamlessly with your hardware solution. All access points can be monitored from up to 25km away.