IndigoVision to use Theia lens as an option on new fixed HD IP camera

IndigoVision now offers Theia Technologies' SY110 Fixed Focal Megapixel Lens as one of five lens options for use with their new 11000 high-definition fixed IP camera product line. Theia's 1.7 mm lens provides up to 110 degrees horizontal field of view (HFOV) with the 1/3" progressive scan HD sensor camera. The ultra wide, undistorted field of view provides the opportunity to cover more area with a single camera, potentially reducing the overall cost of system ownership.

According to Alex Swanson, Product Manager at IndigoVision, "Theia's megapixel resolution lenses complement our high-definition, one megapixel, day/night IP camera. Their ultra wide, undistorted field of view enables the greater coverage provided with our HD solutions. We believe this will add a valuable option for our customers."

Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology enables an image with less than 1% barrel distortion. By contrast, most wide angle lenses above 80° horizontal field of view produce an image with noticeable levels of barrel distortion, also known as fisheye distortion. Distortion in typical wide angle lenses compresses data at the edges of the image, causing a loss of information, which translates into degraded image resolution in those areas. Theia's technology doesn't compress or lose information, but instead maps the subject over more pixels providing improved image resolution at the image edge and increasing the chance of recognition of individuals and objects.

Theia's lenses correct barrel distortion in the optics of the lens without the use of de-warping software for a faster, real time solution. Image information lost due to the barrel distortion of typical wide angle lenses cannot be recovered even with the use of de-warping software.

The SY110 lens is IR corrected so it maintains its crisp, clear megapixel resolution image in IR illumination making it a perfect accessory for IndigoVision's day/night camera, with removable infrared-cut filter. Theia's ultra-wide angle lens with IndigoVision's HD IP cameras broaden the possibilities by further enhancing the high-definition images provided through IndigoVision's camera technology.

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