PiXORD launches new network cameras

PiXORD a global leader in the manufacturing of network cameras, network video servers and storage solutions. As a leading manufacturer in IP Surveillance, PiXORD delivers complete IP Video solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Professional and SOHO environments. All PiXORD network cameras, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, fixed cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, and 1 to 4 port video servers, etc… are designed for maximum flexibility, stability and performance in multiple customer environments.
PiXORD P-600 Day/Night Network Camera delivers superior H.264-AVC performance, quality Tamron optics, state of the art design and function. P-600 is specifically adapted for maximum performance indoor applications, such as commercial, banking, government buildings, schools, universities and airports. P-600 Micron Progressive CMOS Sensor supports 2 Megapixel resolutions (1600 x 1200), paired with Tamron quality optics, P-600 video formats H.264-AVC and Motion JPEG, are delivered simultaneously. H.264-AVC video compression can reduce bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality; Motion
JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. Multiple independent video streaming technology, using the latest H.264-AVC “Scalable Video Coding” for temporal bitstream scalability; 3 streams each with different formats & resolution. P-600 makes it possible to preview at medium resolution H.264, record a megapixel resolution in MJPEG, and monitor a mobile device viewing a small H.264 video stream, simultaneously.

P-600 unitizes a powerful video codec for highly efficient H.264-AVC video compression and streaming. At higher resolutions of 1600x1200 (1.92 mega pixels) @ 15 fps, a 2 Mb CBR bit rate will provide very accurate video quality, at HD resolution (720P ;1280x720) @ 30 fps, a 2 Mb CBR bit rate will provide a good real-time video. Base-line, Main Profile and High Profile are user selectable under H.264-AVC compression settings for adapting to different NVR, Hybrid, Client computer conditions.
P-600 value-added features include; on-board video motion detection, SD slot for localized event and fail-over storage, scheduled recording, and two-way audio. P-600 PoE available, full PoE (IEEE-802.3af) feature supplies power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables, reducing installation costs and complexity. Consequently, P-600 is “Best in Class” for maximum performance IP video surveillance systems, demanding superior image quality, ease of installation, and intelligent video capabilities.