Bosch releases standard day/night camera

FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has introduced the LTC 0465 Series Dinion Day/Night camera – a cost-effective solution for applications that require 24-hour surveillance. This professional Day/Night camera is ideal for a wide range of applications, including office buildings, museums and art galleries, educational facilities and retail premises.

The new camera incorporates 10-bit digital signal processing and provides 540 TVL resolution for crisp, clear images. A mechanically switching infrared filter delivers improved sensitivity at night, and the internal through-the-lens detector enhances stability in low light by ensuring the camera remains in monochrome mode when IR illumination is dominant.

The LTC 0465 is easy to install, and like all Dinion cameras, is ready to use right out of the box. Customers simply attach the lens and use the Lens Wizard for accurate back focusing and sharp pictures throughout a 24-hour period. No additional filter is required.

Built-in Bilinx technology provides a bi-directional communication capability that allows technicians to check status, change camera settings, and even update firmware from virtually anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx reduces service and installation times, ensures accurate set-up and adjustment, and improves overall performance.

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