Pivot3 does a cash-for-clunkers program with DVRs

Palo Alto, Calif. – November 11, 2009 – Pivot3, Inc., the market leader in storage-centric computing, today announced a DVR rebate program that offers incentives to Pivot3 customers who upgrade existing DVRs by the end of the year. Through this program, Pivot3 customers can qualify for $250 rebates per replaced DVR – for a maximum of four DVRs per Pivot3 Serverless Computing appliance – and free installation of the Pivot3 storage solution. The rebate also applies to customers who want to extend the life of their current DVRs by adding shared central storage. To qualify for this rebate, new Pivot3 systems must ship before December 31, 2009.

"We decided to launch our own stimulus package to help customers upgrade to leading-edge systems," said Lee Caswell, founder and chief marketing officer of Pivot3. "We are helping finance the upgrade to more reliable storage and server technology, so that customers can start off 2010 with the peace of mind that their data is safe and they can access it anytime."

Pivot3 Serverless Computing eliminates massive amounts of hardware by consolidating servers and storage in a single video appliance that reduces acquisition and management costs. Users typically see power and cooling reductions of 44 percent and cost reductions of 25 percent. Both data and applications are protected in the case of appliance failures.