DHS launches direct data submission capability for C/ACAMS

WASHINGTON , Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection, Infrastructure Information Collection Division, launched a direct data submission capability for the Constellation / Automated Critical Asset Management System (C/ACAMS) today with Digital Sandbox's Site Profiler product as the first integrated system. The electronic data interchange (EDI) interface enables state and local users to directly submit and update data from local systems to the C/ACAMS system. "This electronic data submission interface offers the potential to increase the amount, quality and currency of information in C/ACAMS and to eliminate duplicative work by state and local users who use both systems," said Shawn Fitch , DHS' C/ACAMS Senior Project Officer.

Developed as the result of a public-private partnership between DHS and Digital Sandbox, the EDI interface represents the best principals of government and private industry working together to solve a key problem and increase efficiency for state and local organizations. This capability enables state and local organizations to integrate existing GIS, infrastructure tracking and risk management systems with C/ACAMS in order to leverage previous homeland security investments and to ensure that C/ACAMS contains the best possible view of data contained in local systems.

C/ACAMS is a secure, Web-based system, available at no cost to state and local homeland security personnel that enables jurisdictions to collect and manage information about the infrastructure in their communities, including utilities, public works facilities, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other critical infrastructure for use in response and recovery plans.

This EDI capability benefits state and local users utilizing both tools by providing them with the ability to leverage the capability and functionality of C/ACAMS and Site Profiler. This EDI capability is a great example of government and private industry working together to support those individuals at the state and local level who protect our nation's infrastructure.

"We're very excited about the capabilities this brings for users of our Site Profiler Risk Management system," said Robert Kerr , Chief Technology Officer for Digital Sandbox. "The capability is a win for our clients and a win for DHS, we're extremely happy to have been a part of this partnership and one of the first systems to integrate with C/ACAMS this way," he continued.