Cernium announces national distribution partnership for Archerfish

RESTON, Va., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Cernium Corporation, the leading developer of video analytics-enabled products, announced today the availability of Archerfish, the first and only mobile video intelligence (MVI) solution, through key regional distributors of consumer electronics specialty products. Beginning this month, Archerfish will be offered in the Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Arizona and Nevada markets through Audio Video Warehouse, Bay Distributing and Shifting Sands Stereo Distributing. These organizations comprise the initial phase of a program that will encompass the United States and the United Kingdom later this year.

Archerfish gives consumers an innovative, convenient way to keep an eye on their businesses and homes, no matter where they are physically located. Using a combination of video cameras, an Archerfish SmartBox (an intelligent device with advanced video technology) and the Archerfish SmartPortal (a custom web portal), Archerfish 'watches' one or more locations for specific situations, providing peace of mind and helping manage unexpected situations. Examples include confirming children arriving home from school; learning about an unwelcome intruder; knowing an elderly parent living alone is up and about; and ensuring critical business events such as deliveries and store openings happen.

Users define events and when they occur, Archerfish notifies them by forwarding a text message and accompanying video to a mobile phone, email inbox or the Archerfish SmartPortal. Archerfish frees users from watching hours of live or recorded video, and the nuisance of meaningless alerts from primitive motion detection systems. Unlike any other monitoring solution available today, Archerfish does all the hard work for users so they can continue with their busy lives, knowing they will be informed if and when something important happens. Archerfish debuted at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where it was named an Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree in the Integrated Home Systems product category.

"Archerfish has generated strong end-user interest since its introduction at CES. Archerfish fills a need that no other product has yet been able to meet - you can think of it as the next evolution in personal place-shifting," said Craig Chambers, president and CEO, Cernium Corporation. "We're excited to partner with these leading distributors to deliver Archerfish to consumers looking for the latest value-added technology."

The new distributors are leading members of the Digital Delivery Group(DDG) consortium of consumer electronics specialty distribution companies.

"We offer the best in home electronic products and services, so it is fitting to deliver an innovative consumer electronics product such as Archerfish to our customers," said Paul Brown, president, Audio Video Warehouse.

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