IndigoVision helps reduce crime across Latin America

Company's solutions deployed in 17 cities across Central and South America

IndigoVision’s distributed architecture allows any system component to be located at any point on the IP network, including Network Video Recorders (NVRs). IndigoVision’s NVRs record camera video directly from the network and can be distributed around the network to minimize bandwidth usage and create a fault tolerant solution by removing the single point of failure associated with analog/DVR systems. This means that the system is very flexible and scalable allowing existing cameras to be easily relocated or new cameras to be inexpensively added – an important benefit in the ever changing surveillance landscape of city centers. The distributed nature of the system also allows ‘Control Center’ workstations to be located anywhere on the network allowing different agencies and authorities access to live and recorded video.

Bandwidth requirement and NVR storage is further reduced by the implementation of a unique feature called Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF), which is deployed at the camera. ACF controls the amount of video that is transmitted on to the network from a specific camera. When the scene is inactive, the framerate is reduced, but as soon as any motion is detected in the scene the framerate is automatically set to maximum. This particular feature is very relevant for city-center monitoring as many areas at night are often quiet.