Oregon woman invents Super Grip Lock

Melinda Moore of Myrtle Creek, Oregon invented a deadbolt lock accessory Super Grip Lock by applying a simple law of physics based on a woman’s perception and a desire to be safe. As deadbolts used in most homes, apartments, hotels and motels are vulnerable to bump keys, passkeys, lock-picks, pick-guns and duplicate keys, the need has never been greater:

1. Bump keys were introduced to the American public on November 29, 2006 by Inside Edition and since that time they have become the fastest growing home invasion crime in America. Bump keys unlock deadbolts almost as fast as the actual key. They are simple to use and anyone can buy them online.
2. Lock picks and pick guns can also unlock deadbolts often in seconds. Lock-picking tools can be purchased online by anyone.
3. If you are living in a rental or staying in a motel someone already has your key!

Melinda discovered, when the deadbolt handle is held in the locked position, no one can unlock that deadbolt. Super Grip Lock does that job for you and requires no tools to make your deadbolt key and pick-proof.

This is a Velcro ‘type’ strap faced with a nylon vinyl. It is easy to attach and easy to remove. It has an elastic pocket at one end that slips over the tip of the deadbolt handle when it’s locked, then wrapped once around the deadbolt handle in the direction required to lock the deadbolt. It then goes under the door knob, pulled upwards and the fabric is firmly pressed together. This action secures the deadbolt handle in the locked position. From that point on, your deadbolt is key and pick-proof.

Testing locks since 1929, The National Locksmith reported their findings on Melinda’s invention in their trade magazine stating, "Even when using a working key and pair of pliers -the key broke- but the deadbolt remains locked." They recommended it be carried in lock shops and service vans as a “public service.” They also recommended it for seniors and summarized, that there was an unlimited potential for customers and the ($10) retail price was definitely right.

“It can save your life,” reported 23-year Police Veteran LT. Bryon as it makes deadbolts key and pick proof, thereby stopping felons that use bump keys or any other unlocking device to gain illegal entry.

Fighting crime since 1893, The International Association of Police Chiefs is the largest crime fighting organization in the world. They are informing law enforcement about Super Grip Lock in 89 countries in their March, 2009 issue of The Police Chief Magazine, which also goes to virtually every Police Chief in America, Homeland Security and other crime fighting organizations.

The ERA, one of the largest direct marketing firms in America said Super Grip Lock is “One of the ten most marketable products of the year.” They paid lodging and airfare from Oregon to Nevada so their members could see this invention at their tradeshow held in Las Vegas.

Individuals can purchase Super Grip Lock online at www.supergriplock.biz and we are attaining orders from retailers and they are being filled as received. Contact information and other related data are found on our corporate website at www.supergriplock.com.