Aspen/Pitkin County Airport deploys Quantum Secure solution

SAFE for Airports solution helps regional airport ensure compliance with current TSA regulations, security directives

- Integration with centralized billing system, automating the billing with airport terminal vendors

- Provide central repository for capturing, storing and managing documents (scanned copies of forms, passports, driver license, insurance, etc.)

- Manage airport infractions tracked to each identity, enabling a policy driven approach to the enforcement of tickets and management of related points

Additionally, the SAFE for Airports suite allows the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport to future-proof their physical security infrastructure, providing the ability to incorporate additional biometric readers with ease and support the potential future use of various smart card technologies.

"The SAFE for Airports suite is ideal for airports of all sizes looking to streamline their badging operations and ensure compliance with the latest TSA regulations," said Ajay Jain, president and CEO of Quantum Secure. "With a centralized, automated approach to the entire identity management lifecycle, airports can future-proof their physical security infrastructure and realize incredible cost reductions."