Milestone releases XProtect Professional 6.5 and XProtect Basis+

New softwares released simultaneously to serve different aspects of IP video market

COPENHAGEN – 24 November 2008. Milestone Systems announces the release of XProtect Professional version 6.5, a single-server video surveillance system controlling up to 64 cameras per server, for midsized installations that need robust software with the full functionality of easy management, flexible scheduling and fast analysis. At the same time, the company is releasing XProtect Basis+ version 6.5, a single-server video management system controlling up to 25 cameras per server, for smaller installations that need reliable software with essential functionality. Both products epitomize the Milestone open platform IP video management paradigm, supporting best-of-breed solutions with the widest choice in network video and computer hardware equipment available on the market today.

XProtect Professional 6.5 is the more comprehensive of the two solutions, providing greater capabilities and additional new features such as:

Two-Way Audio The XProtect Professional Server is capable of transmitting the new Smart Client’s microphone input to remote speakers attached to IP devices. This feature complements the existing functionality for recording and relaying incoming audio from remote devices equipped with microphones to computers with Smart Client and speakers. Each speaker and microphone is assigned to a device which by default is the same as the device they are connected to. The speaker and microphone can be assigned to other devices as well.

Optimized storage and bandwidth usage New compression technologies - With the introduction of new video compression technologies (H.264, MPEG-4 ASP and MxPEG) the consumption of both network bandwidth and storage space is reduced considerably.

Bandwidth optimized multi-streaming - To preserve bandwidth the Recording Server only opens a single video stream from the camera and is able to split it into a stream for live viewing and a stream for recording. This allows users of Smart Clients and Remote Clients to view live video at a different frame rate and resolution than what is stored in the database. You can save a significant amount of disk space by storing recordings in the databases at a lower frame rate e.g. 4 frames-per-second, while maintaining high quality live viewing on access clients with a high frame rate e.g. 20 frames-per-second.

Improved archiving – The archiving process has been improved with hourly archiving (which addresses the greater storage needs with megapixel cameras). To optimize the process one database is now closed at a time, database cleanup is performed outside the archiving window and connections to the access clients are maintained. The archiving also offers dynamic archiving which enables spanning across several disks as an alternative to direct assignment of drive and path for each database. The administrator can set archive retention time individually per camera and is also able to force automatic archiving, if the database is running full.

Both XProtect Professional 6.5 and XProtect Basis+ 6.5 share these exciting upgrades:

Support for megapixel cameras and H.264 MxPEG Support – The video compression algorithm MxPEG, which is unique to Mobotix, is now supported. The MxPEG encoding is able to maintain high image quality for megapixel cameras while decreasing bandwidth consumption dramatically.

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