SCM Microsystems and Reiner SCT to share technology

ISMANING, Germany, Nov. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SCM Microsystems, a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital World, and Reiner SCT, a leader in smart card readers, today announced their agreement to share smart card reader technology in order for each company to enhance its product portfolio.

Under the agreement, both companies will have the opportunity to rebrand and sell certain products from the other. There will also be an exchange of product support information, so that each company can directly provide support for the products it sells from the other.

SCM Microsystems will be able to sell Reiner SCT's Class 3 smart card readers, which are compliant to the digital signature law of the German government and used in enterprise and financial applications where a high degree of security is required. Additionally, SCM will be able to sell transaction number (TAN) generators for financial and enterprise network access from the German-based Reiner SCT.

Reiner SCT will extend its product portfolio with proven Class 1 smart card readers and multi-functional tokens from SCM Microsystems. Additionally, the company gains the advantage of SCM's broad experience with smart card reader implementations around the world.

"We are really pleased to be able to work with SCM Microsystems for this exchange," said Carsten Sommer, chief executive officer of Reiner SCT. "Their high quality product offerings and strong international presence balance our depth in the German market. We have an ideal opportunity to create synergy with this cooperation, and to offer solutions for virtually any application to our customers."

"With Reiner SCT we found a partner whose solutions perfectly complement our product portfolio and whose market knowledge provides valuable insight. Both our customers and theirs will benefit from the expanded set of solutions we are now able to offer," said Manfred Muller, executive vice president, strategic sales and business development of SCM Microsystems.