Sanyo debuts 1080P network camera

Chatsworth, CA, April 1, 2009 – SANYO, a world leading digital CCTV camera manufacturer, introduces the VCC-HD4000, the world’s first 1080P Full HD Network camera for security applications. The compact and simple-to-use device records video both in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4-megapixel resolution. The VCC-HD4000 utilizes the advanced H.264 video format and features a 10x AF HD lens. The camera will be on display at the SANYO Security Booth #14087 at ISC West, April 1-April 3, Las Vegas.

“Using this camera in critical security situations makes perfect sense,” said Bill Lawrence, Vice President and General Manager Security Products Division. “Compared to conventional VGA cameras, the 4-megapixel CMOS achieves a resolution approximately nine times that of a conventional camera making it possible to cover nine times the monitoring area.”

High-Quality Clear Images

The new VCC-HD4000 features 4 Megapixel resolution (2288 x 1712), which means that fewer cameras are needed since the VCC-HD4000 covers nine times the monitoring area. It incorporates advanced H.264 video compression, for Full HD (1920 x 1080) video recording or 2288 x 1712 JPEG resolution. Dual Codec monitoring can be conducted in H.264 and JPEG formats by minimizing network traffic. The progressive scan CMOS sensor provides clear smooth images. The VCC-HD4000 also incorporates a high-performance, high-resolution optical 10XAF lens that is Full HD compatible. Coupled with a separate digital 16x zoom-in function, the lens can zoom up to 160x maximum.

Performs in Critical Security Applications

The VCC-HD4000 has advanced human face detection. The AF function automatically detects and isolates faces to assist the camera’s exposure and auto-focus. In bright sunlight the appropriate backlight function will be performed so that faces will be bright and clear. The VCC-HD4000 is capable of detecting up to 32 human faces at a time. Five Privacy Masks are available for designated areas to prevent unauthorized display of areas that involve privacy on the display screen. Day/Night function is activated automatically so that in sunlight vivid color images will be captured while at night the camera becomes a high-sensitivity B/W camera. A clipping function is available for up to four VGA-sized sections that can then be displayed in user-selected sequence.

Advanced Network Solutions

Network Recording Software VA-SW3050LITE is bundled with the unit allowing live video
streams sent from the camera to be monitored on a PC.

Advanced Video Management Software (optional) Video Pilot extends the network operation by allowing up to 128 cameras on the network. With this software the user can monitor images from multiple cameras on a split screen and access and operate them on the network. Video Pilot also offers the convenience of recording live images and provides alarm/timer functions. Live images from a single camera can also be viewed on a PC using Internet Explorer (V6 or higher).

SANYO Video Pilot is a software management platform for SANYO’s VCC-HD4000 and IP cameras, most of the industry's standard IP and megapixel cameras and encoders, several of the major video capture card codecs, and SANYO’s embedded DVRs. Video Pilot is an NVR, PC DVR and embedded DVR control platform with total integration all under one software application.

Video and still images can be saved to an SD memory card (not included) or an optional Hard Disk Drive. The SD or HDD can be connected directly to the PC to download the video data. The Alarm Buffering function saves video images recorded during an alarm recording internally or to an SD memory card before streaming them so that the images will be retained in memory even if delay occurs.

“SANYO Security has gained a reputation for excellence and innovation,” said Lawrence. “The VCC-HD4000 continues our ground-breaking approach by combining 1080p Full HD video recording with 4-megapixel resolution with easy-to-use hardware and software interface for file saving and sharing.”