Genetec launches new version of Omnicast

Saint-Laurent, Canada, April 16, 2009 – Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a provider of world-class IP security solutions, announces the release of a new version of its IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast. With this latest release of version 4.4, customers will experience the advantages of the integration with the AutoVu Sharp, Genetec’s license plate recognition (LPR) device, full support of Axis’ H.264 product line and Sony’s 4th generation of IP cameras. Customers will also benefit from the integration of many other fully supported hardware extensions from numerous technology partners such as Optelecom-NKF, Panasonic, Arecont, IQinVision, Pelco, GE, amongst others.

One of the most exciting new additions to Omnicast 4.4 is its recent integration with Genetec’s LPR device, the AutoVu Sharp, which enables the potential for enhanced city-wide surveillance, vehicle access control of parking entries and exits, wanted/stolen vehicle identification from highways using hotlist matching, streets and tollbooths, and audit trail applications. The AutoVu Sharp can be installed in a new or existing Omnicast system that will manage data coming from LPR, analog or IP cameras on one simple and easy-to-use interface. There is no switching between applications, and alerts of flagged vehicles are generated directly in Omnicast.

Additionally, Omnicast 4.4 now supports Axis’ full line of H.264 cameras, including camera models such as P1311, P3301, Q7401, Q7406, Q1755, M1011, M1331, M3011, M7001 and more. Additionally, it now supports the integration with Sony’s 4th generation IP megapixel cameras, from their Network Camera line (SNC) which offers customer increased sensitivity without compromising video quality. Meeting the demands of the industry for H.264 video compression, Omnicast 4.4 also supports an even wider range of new H.264 products such as Arecont’s H.264 IP camera product line, IQinVision’s Alliance Dome H.264 product series and Pelco Sarix H.264 megapixel cameras.

Other hardware extensions that have been developed and are supported in Omnicast 4.4 include Optelecom-NKF ruggedized and non-ruggedized encoders, GE’s line of CamPlus 2 camera domes, and more Panasonic IP megapixel cameras, giving customers in any market a greater selection of integrated hardware with enhanced performance capabilities and increased functionality. For customers who are looking to install Omnicast in a virtual environment, virtualization is now possible with this latest version.

“We put our customers first in everything that we do, and the development of these new features and integrations were inspired by the demands of our industry and by discussions with real-life users,” says Francis Lachance, Product Manager at Genetec for Omnicast. “We continually work towards expanding our list of supported hardware so that customers will be able to benefit from the latest technologies on the market, and the integration with the AutoVu Sharp is testimony to that.”