TeleEye partners with T-Com Croatia

TeleEye Group has always been providing the most professional and efficient remote video monitoring services to users. TeleEye Hrvatska and T-Com Croatia collaborate to offer a complete and reliable solution in remote video surveillance for companies in Croatia.

T-Com Croatia as leading provider of telecommunication services, provides telephony, data transmission, broadband, IPTV and communication services. It shares a common goal with the TeleEye Group, which is offering complete, simple and high quality IP video surveillance solution to customers. Powered by T-Com MAXadsl Internet broadband service, TeleEye brings users fast, highly reliable and trustworthy video of remote business operations.

Mr. Tomislav Gazdić, Project Manager, Product Development Department of T-Com Croatia said, ‘T-Com, as the leader on Croatian telecommunication market, is providing to its customers premium telephony, broadband, IPTV and content services. Making partnership with TeleEye, our goal is to offer complete, simple and high quality IP video surveillance based on T-Com broadband access. Our focus is providing customer with a reliable and affordable service.”

The Complete Remote Video Surveillance Solution

The Remote Video Surveillance Solution includes TeleEye CX784 video recording server, and TeleEye DF103 color fixed dome. Incorporated with proprietary SMAC-M multi-stream coder technology, TeleEye CX Series records 29% longer and transmits 80% faster than H.264 systems. Collaborating with T-Com Internet broadband service, MAXadsl, users can enjoy exceptionally fast
video monitoring experience. Other breathtaking features include multi-user access, telemetry control, schedule, alarm, motion detection and remote recording.

Advantages of Using the Remote Video Surveillance Solution

The Remote Video Surveillance Solution is especially suitable for small to medium sized enterprises that require easy and cost-effective remote management for their business operations. With the solution, users can remote access of their sites, including garages, offices, etc, and protect their employers and families around the clock. This solution can also meet the needs of businessmen who are frequently on travels and help them to make sure their businesses running smoothly.

Managing Director of the TeleEye Hrvatska, Dr. Srdjan Jerkovic said, ‘We believe that the integrated Remote Video Monitoring Solution with MAXadsl will meet the needs of multi-location enterprises and offshore businesses. It helps management to reduce their travelling time and cost to various locations. Users can have fully monitoring and control their operations remotely in a secure and reliable way without geographical constraints.’

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