Geutebruck solutions protect German diplomats in Moscow

Following a security upgrade in 2008, German embassy staff in Moscow now live in a residential compound protected by a Geutebruck CCTV system. Renovated to European standards between 1996 and 2001, the embassy accommodation in Soviet-style tower blocks in the south east of the Russian capital is usually reserved for its own staff, but vacant flats are also let to German business people on a temporary basis. The German school and the German kindergarten are also located within the compound, as are fitness and various other service facilities.

The area is guarded round the clock. The gates and the metal perimeter fence are monitored using fixed cameras, infrared spotlights and four GVD-860/2 dome cameras. These weather-proof day/night domes with motorized IR-cut filters provide high quality pictures in normal and infrared light. They are used by security staff to quickly evaluate the situation if an alarm has been triggered by the outdoor video motion detection system. The video data is managed and stored by a GeViScope digital platform and a re_porter hybrid recorder. Being DSP-based, these both allow easy software updating and offer exceptional investment security. They support dual streaming and need very little bandwidth. More information available at