SunWize provides reliable outdoor power supply solution

Kingston, NY, April 14, 2009 – SunWize Power Ready Systems use solar electric technology to provide outdoor power where utility power is not available for security equipment. SunWize systems are installed on all seven continents and continue to operate through climate extremes - hurricanes, rainforests, snow, and temperature extremes. Power Ready Systems feature low operating and maintenance costs, UL, FM and CSA listed components, NEC code compliant overcurrent protection and a 20-year solar module warranty. SunWize preassembled systems minimize field installation time.

The SunWize web site features the SunWize Power Ready Specifying Guide which provides engineers with a time saving method to design a solar electric system for the specific electrical requirements of their remote site. The SunWize Power Ready specifying guide features an interactive map to select the correct solar insolation data for the project location. The step-by-step process asks for voltage, the daily load, and enclosure and mounting requirements. System options are also available for load distribution and control, and lightning and wire protection. After all information is entered, a part number is provided for the specified system. The number can then be submitted to SunWize for a price quote. Installers provide the specifications and SunWize provides a custom-engineered system based on those specifications.

SunWize Technologies, a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, (U.S.A.), Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of solar energy systems, product distribution, and associated project development. The Company operates a manufacturing and distribution facility in Kingston, NY, serving as the company headquarters, a manufacturing and distribution center in the City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA and a West Coast office in San Jose, CA.