Dotworkz introduces new camera enclosure

D3-Tornado with SmartCPR offers users strength, versatility

With the introduction of its D3-Tornado with SmartCPR, Dotworkz is ushering in a new era for camera enclosures.

"Forget what you know about camera enclosures," said Will Ferris, president of Dotworkz. "The D3-Tornado with SmartCPR changes the paradigm. Much more than a simple housing, it combines versatility, strength and intelligence to create a full system that provides room for other network devices, is nearly indestructible and supplies maximum uptime by monitoring all internal digital electronics, automatically detecting operational failures and restoring them to working order."

Versatile Interior Space

While traditional enclosures include enough space for only a camera, the D3-Tornado with SmartCPR is the only enclosure available on the market today that provides the versatility to house a multitude of network devices as well as the camera. Larger than previous Dotworkz enclosures, the large onboard component bay provides space for routers, cell networks, WiMAX and Mesh hardware, hard drives, UPS and other devices – eliminating the need for additional enclosures.

Its switchable upper and lower camera mounting locations and the included "Vari-Fit" internal bracket allow for a perfect fit for 99 percent of PTZ cameras on the market.

Heavy-Duty Protection

Constructed of a nearly indestructible thermoplastic alloy that will not rust or corrode, the D3-
Tornado with SmartCPR provides environmental control and heavy-duty protection from vandalism, physical damage and outdoor exposure – including water, ice, salt or heat. It is IP66 rated against dust, water, and salt water air as well as having IP68 rated waterproof connection ports.

Perfect for all environments, the D3-Tornado with SmartCPR is available with a high-flow blower option that provides needed airflow circulation, significantly reducing hotspot buildup when temperatures heat up, keeping cameras and components within their safe operational temperature range. In addition, the polycarbonate thermal plastic compound provides maximum IR reflection. Inside, a reflective thermal blanket provides heat and EMI shielding for year-round peak performance.

Because of its heavy duty protection, the D3-Tornado with SmartCPR also allows indoor-rated cameras and other hardware to be safely and easily mounted inside its housing, reducing even further the cost of ownership.

SmartCPR Circuit

Going beyond versatility and strength, the D3-Tornado with SmartCPR integrates iPulse® technology, to provide for the first time ever, an enclosure with a component pulse reset that has the intelligence to not only know when a device has gone off-line but to independently correct a problem that would have required costly human intervention in the past.

“Insuring uptime is crucial for remote video systems,” added Ferris. “The SmartCPR circuit is critical for keeping all the devices within the system online and keeping areas secure 24/7. End users enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their network is constantly monitored, and they will not lose valuable information. For integrators, it eliminates costly service calls.”

Additional Features and Benefits

The D3-Tornado with SmartCPR offers a number of other features and benefits as well.

Its .125-inch impact-resistant optical-cell lower lens has been design-tested and approved by camera manufacturers to provide the best lens clarity available in an enclosure, making the D3-Tornado with SmartCPR ideal for megapixel or optically enhanced cameras in the 40x zoom range.

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