Fire-Lite releases IP fire alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities

NORTHFORD, CT — Fire-Lite Alarms announces the release of IPDACT-2UD, the first fire alarm IP communications module that enables complete upload/download capabilities via any IP connection. The IPDACT-2UD is listed to UL 864 9th Edition standards as compatible with multiple new and legacy varieties of Fire-Lite alarm panels.

A new addition to the FireWatch Series of alarm communicators from Fire-Lite, the IPDACT-2UD’s advanced capabilities introduce huge benefits for installers. Installers can now conveniently download alarm panel data and upload information such as program updates from a PC via any Internet or Intranet connection. Communicating through a modem at the panel, the IPDACT-2UD transmits all information digitally over IP via TCP/IP protocol, secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption (AES 512 bit). This fully-digital transmission method eliminates common dropouts in modem communications caused by noise or other factors.

All IP communicators within the FireWatch Series merely connect to a fire alarm panel’s standard telephone ports, no changes to the panel’s existing configuration are required. Fire-Lite’s IPDACT-2 and IPDACT-2UD simply serve as the conduit between the panel and any type of existing IP line (i.e. LAN, WAN, DSL, cable, etc.).

Classified under "Other Transmission Technologies," section 8.6.4 of the current NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, these UL-listed devices eliminate the requirement for two costly phone lines dedicated to alarm communications. While enabling faster alarm transmissions, Fire-Lite’s IP communicators increase supervision of connectivity between the central station and alarm panel to every 90 seconds.

In addition to the IPDACT-2UD, the FireWatch Series includes the IPDACT-2 module that offers the same IP monitoring features found in the original IPDACT, minus upload/download functionality. Also available is the new 2UD modem board, designed to snap on the IPDACT-2 module for a quick upgrade of upload/download capabilities.

On the central station side, a compatible VisorALARM-Plus receiver seamlessly integrates IP monitoring into existing conventional central station architectures. The VisorALARM-Plus receiver also supports up to three destination IP receiver addresses – a feature not available from any other product. Multiple IP addresses allow for additional equipment redundancies, giving central stations a multitude of configuration options.

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