Protection One: 20 ways to secure a business

MIAMI, Oct. 17, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Before the upcoming bustle and busyness of the holiday season begins, now is a great time to review the security practices at your workplace. Protection One, one of the leading electronic security companies for businesses across the country, suggests these tips for keeping your office, employees, customers and inventory secure today and year round:

* Make well-lit, access-controlled parking available, and suggest a "buddy" system within the parking area;
* If possible, make security escorts available to and from employee parking;
* Register all guests and accompany them during their visits;
* Never leave your reception area unattended;
* Do not allow entry doors to be propped open if no one is present or nearby;
* Don't allow unknown service personnel free access to your office space;
* Report broken doors, windows, and locks to building security personnel;
* Monitor and report suspicious activity in or near your facility;
* Consider a monitored security and fire system as well as a remote/IP video system, which allows easy access to facility cameras via the Internet. Be sure to include wireless or IP-based backup service in the event your phone line becomes disabled;
* Install an electronic access system, and closely inventory all photo badges, ID cards, etc.;
* If you already have a security system, request regular system inspections and evaluations;
* Do not open suspicious packages: Report them to local authorities;
* Employ updated computer security software for your entire network;
* Back up and store sensitive and critical information and databases;
* Shred or destroy old documents containing sensitive business information;
* Keep an inventory of your most critical equipment, hardware, and software;
* Develop fire and emergency plans and regularly practice drills;
* Keep facilities well-lit, inside and out, even during non-business hours;
* Form a safety team to help keep safety and security issues a focus; and
* Encourage employees to secure valuables, including documents that might contain personal information, in their work areas at all times and especially during company gatherings or breaks.

For additional tips or a free security evaluation of your business, visit or contact Protection One at 1-800-GET-HELP.