Gamewell-FCI launches mass notification system

NORTHFORD, CT - Gamewell-FCI has released a new mass notification solution as part of its E3 Series line of Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems. In addition to providing state-of-the-art fire alarm protection, the E3 Series can also function as a robust MNS (mass notification system) via several new products, including an LOC (Local Operating Console), back-lit signage, high-threat switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers and giant voice equipment.

The LOC provides the onsite "monitoring and control" of voice and notification appliances as required for MNS by the DOD (Department of Defense) in its Unified Facilities Criteria 4-021-01 document. With the next edition of NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code expected to adopt many DOD mass notification requirements, Gamewell-FCI has designed its LOC to the same rigorous specifications. As a major component of an MNS, Gamewell-FCI’s LOC is designed to integrate seamlessly with the E3 Series, resulting in an extremely cost-effective fire alarm/MNS combo solution. Likewise, the E3 Series can serve as a "side-car" audio MNS when paired with many alternative brands of fire alarm systems.

The E3 Series’ scalable design and minimal wiring requirements make it one of the most cost-effective, UL 864 9th Edition-listed MNS solutions available. While powerful enough to provide fast, intelligible communications, the E3 Series’ distributed audio structure ensures a high rate of system communications survivability.

The E3 Series MNS allows for the delivery of intelligible emergency and evacuation information in real-time via pre-recorded messages, live voice paging, text messages to various network displays and fire fighter phones. Whether protecting a single property or multiple campus-style locations, the E3 Series can distribute emergency communications to particular zones, regions or floors within buildings and throughout large outdoor areas. If one or more system components are damaged, the highly-survivable E3 Series’ distributed audio design helps ensure the continuity of clear, accurate communications.

For a lifetime of value, the E3 Series’ design is made to provide a custom-fit MNS for any size application, with room for future expansions or reconfigurations. Moreover, it’s the only fire alarm/mass notification system that requires no more than a single pair of wire or fiber optic cable to connect all nodes and command centers.

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