Magal awarded contracts to protect two international airports

YAHUD, ISRAEL, October 6 2008 -- Magal Security Systems announced today that it has been awarded contracts totaling approximately US$ 7.5 million to protect two international airports in South East Asia and North Africa. Both projects are based on turnkey solutions, and will be completed during 2009.

The project in South East Asia is based on the DTR 2000 Taut Wire System and MagBar Intrusion Grids, as the first security layer and the Omnitrax Buried Cable, as the second security layer. An array of both stationary and PTZ cameras will be deployed along the perimeter to verify incoming alarms. Some of the fixed cameras will have Intelligent Video Analysis capabilities. In addition, the customer has decided to add radar coverage, which will be integrated with Magal's MTC 1500E Thermal Camera.

The various layers of sensors and all of the systems will feed into a Command and Control Center that will be managed by Magal’s FORTIS C4I Management Software. The control center will communicate with patrol cars in the airport’s vicinity by means of a wireless LAN and will be able to transmit video and data to the vehicles, thus enabling a higher level of security for the airport.

The project in North Africa utilizes the IntelliFiber Fiber Optic Outdoor Intrusion Detection System and Magnet Security Management System. Following completion of the installation, management expects the project to be expanded to enable the incorporation of additional surveillance capabilities.

Mr. Izhar Dekel - CEO of Magal said: "Magal has had a long history of implementing the highest levels of professionalism in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of cutting-edge integrated security solutions that are above and beyond industry standards. Our long-term strategic investments during the past few years are continuing to bear fruit. The airport in Asia is the second airport project that we were awarded in this country this year. These projects are another example of Magal's well established position as a world leader in providing airport high technology integrated security solutions. These projects are a part of a comprehensive security concept."