Suprema releases new access control system software

Suprema, a worldwide leader in biometrics, announced the release of advanced distributed access control system software, the BioStar, combining cutting-edge IP connectivity with Suprema’s renowned biometric security technology. Targeting small to medium sized enterprise customers, BioStar enables installers or system integrators to easily build an access control system using biometric devices.

BioStar is based on the concept of combining IP connectivity and biometric security. A biometric device installed at each door works not only as a reader but also as an intelligent controller on its own. Separate secure relay units can be installed inside a door to eliminate security breaches. The meeting of biometrics and IP makes a perfect fit by leveraging the merits of each technology. Increased cost of implementing biometrics technology can be compensated by removing expensive control panels from the system and reducing wiring burden from a central panel to each reader. On the other hand, BioStar’s IP based connectivity makes template distribution for biometric devices a no more difficult job.

“Our aim is to provide a biometric access control system at the price of legacy card based system. Of course the price of fingerprint device alone is more expensive than a dummy RF card reader. But if you think of the cost of the total system, BioStar can be more competitive. Our fingerprint devices at each door are intelligent enough to play the role of ‘distributed’ access controllers and they are easier to install with less burden of wiring. Enhanced security and convenience given by biometrics is a bonus.” said Mr. Young S. Moon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Suprema. “Some people are still skeptical about the IP based access control because of stability issue. If you worry about that, use RS485 instead. They work exactly the same way as they are networked by TCP/IP. Or you can even mix TCP/IP and RS485 freely. In addition to that, our fingerprint devices are powerful standalone devices that can work on its own for more than several couple of days without external connection. This is another advantage of a distributed access control system.” Moon added.

BioStar offers lower cost per access point by eliminating control panels, and supports flexible zone management for anti-passback and alarm. Another outstanding feature is the system’s connectivity options. BioStar can be networked on the company’s existing LAN, RS485 or a combination of both. As long as there is a communication path among devices, they can be easily grouped together to be controlled and synchronized as one logical unit. User interface of BioStar system is also designed to maximize the system’s usability. Its easy GUI offers tree view, list view and even wizard interfaces to make complex operations easier.

Suprema has a plan to add more functionality to BioStar including time & attendance, site graphics and integration with other security components like surveillance and alarm management. BioStar users will be able to perform seamless migration for the future enhancements of Suprema’s security solutions.