Avrio provides Minnesota police with wireless CCTV system

2008 OCT 20 - (NewsRx.com) -- Deploying a citywide wireless surveillance system that would meet the security needs of the Republican National convention is a difficult task on any timeline. "We only had fourteen weeks from the time deployment started until the RNC," said Inspector Tim Lynaugh, Homeland Security - Special Projects for the St. Paul Police Department, who oversaw the project. "In addition, we needed a system that would not only meet our immediate needs but one that would meet St. Paul's public safety requirements for years to come," Lynaugh added (see also Firetide).

St. Paul turned to Avrio Group who designed and deployed a video over wireless solution that utilized state-of-the-art technologies including wireless mesh, microwave, and point-to-point radios for video transmission. The foundation of the solution is Avrio Group's PoleCam, a single "plug-and-play" device that contains a high end camera, Firetide wireless mesh radio, and all electronic components needed to install the unit on a pole or building. "It was important that the solution be capable of delivering real-time, fluid, high resolution video, but still have the flexibility to be reconfigured as our needs change and allow for video to be collected from and pushed to moving vehicles and mobile devices," said Lynaugh. "The system gave us a level of situation awareness never before possible."

Video management for Avrio's PoleCam solution is accomplished using an open architecture, software based head-end with off the shelf components allowing for integration with other security solutions including license plate recognition, video intelligence, and sensor solutions. "Years from now we don't want to be stuck paying for a 'forklift upgrade' because of proprietary components or a closed system. In addition, this solution allows for the incorporation of analog and IP cameras via wired or wireless transmission," said Lynaugh.

The turn-key solution that Avrio designed for St. Paul also delivers several viewing stations including one in the city's mobile command and control vehicle and a central command and control room with a touch screen controlled video wall. Avrio also designed a Web server that allows for hundreds of users to view video at the same time. "When we started this project we wanted to get the best value out of the city's investment. One of the ways we achieved this was by having the system operate seamlessly with other departments within St. Paul as well as outside agencies," said Lynaugh.

"I think the reason we have been able to deploy innovative solutions around the country is because of Avrio's team of engineers who are experts in all of the various technologies involved, including Firetide wireless mesh," said Mark Jules, president of business development for Avrio. "Like Avrio Group, Firetide is committed to the public safety market and understands the responsibility that comes with providing solutions for that sector. Wireless connectivity enabled by Firetide is extremely robust, highly secure and can be scaled easily and efficiently, making our job easier."

"We are pleased to continue our cooperation with Avrio Group to provide flexible and cost effective solutions for municipal wireless video surveillance," said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer of Firetide. "St. Paul joins the ranks of other forward-looking municipalities, such as Buffalo, Denver, Orlando and Phoenix, who are already relying on Avrio and Firetide to deliver evidence-grade video over wireless."