New Jersey police department deploys SRI's mobile surveillance solution

MENLO PARK, Calif. – October 16, 2008 – SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organization, today announced that the Lakewood, N.J. police department is expanding the deployment of SRI’s Aware mobile video surveillance system to provide the town’s main street business district with real-time, on-demand visibility. The Lakewood, N.J. police department originally deployed the system in September 2006.

SRI’s system provides instant, portable broadband wireless networks for video surveillance, incident command and management, and public safety communications. As an interoperable and open platform, SRI's Aware system allows Lakewood to leverage their existing infrastructure by easily redeploying the system as needs of the department and community change. Additionally, real-time video feeds and data are streamed to all networked officers and the command post, where scene commanders can instantly assess the situation, gain immediate transparency, maximize team communications and make timely decisions to support successful results while mitigating potential risks.

"This system connects our local police department to valuable information that can be easily viewed, analyzed and shared wirelessly with our command post,” said Deputy Chief Fredrick Capper. “We’ve received extremely positive feedback from community members and local shop owners who welcome the increased security presence it provides. Our department plans to systematically expand the deployment of SRI’s system to include additional regions in town."

A component of SRI’s Aware system includes four integrated software applications, designed specifically for public safety, video surveillance, and municipal services use. It is optimized to work without a network connection or server. The SRI system includes real-time multicast video, interactive map information with GPS integration, instant messaging, and whiteboarding, and is ideal for situations where:

• Video or other high bandwidth communications are needed
• There is a need to create a video surveillance “hot zone”
• Wiring is too expensive or impractical
• Autonomous communications is needed

"SRI is pleased our system has proven to be an essential resource in keeping an extra eye on the Lakewood community," said Paul Callahan, SRI business operations manager. "We’re proud to offer an affordable, easy to use mobile video surveillance system for security purposes to the Lakewood police department. It’s rewarding to know our system gives law enforcement an advantage by acting as an additional tool to help keep communities safe." SRI’s Aware system uses standard WiFi components coupled with DynaMesh network management software to provide mobile-mesh networking communications to any standard Windows XP computer. DynaMesh software delivers the ability to create instant networks, securely communicate, use applications, and connect to the Internet with or without access points. In addition to public safety agencies, private security agencies, governments and businesses can capitalize on the advantages of high-bandwidth, wireless digital communications by quickly and securely sharing video surveillance, GPS mapping, voice, and other data to optimize resources, improve service delivery and enhance security.