American Dynamics' VideoEdge NVR reduces costs for end users

VideoEdge NVR uses an embedded Linux kernel which provides the core functionality of Linux without the overhead of patches, third-party applications, licensing and other software costs. This provides a lower total cost of ownership, easier and faster installation, better performance, and greater network security.

Each VideoEdge NVR can support as many as 128 cameras and can be configured with megapixel and standard IP cameras, plus analog cameras via supported IP encoders such as American Dynamics VideoEdge IP Encoder. The NVR supports multiple codecs, which allows you to choose the edge device that best fits your project and offers investment protection for Intellex customers.

The open architecture lets you to start with any number of cameras and scale up as needed by uploading a newer camera license to your NVR. Most of all, there is no need to register each individual camera as required by many other similar products on the market today. The true server-client architecture is designed to manage video very efficiently and achieve superior performance.

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