Bosch introduces new version of 'Easy Series' alarm panel

Bosch Security Systems has introduced a new version of its Easy Series intrusion alarm panel that provides enhanced security against break-ins and unauthorized entry. Intended for homes and small businesses, the new Easy Series release has been designed for easy installation, set-up and operation. To operate the panel, it is only necessary to use a proximity token or press a single button. In addition, the panel features a display with easy-to-understand animations completely free of text. The system also speaks to the user in his or her own language (over 30 languages available) – providing alarm and system status information, even remotely over the telephone or via text messaging to a user’s cell phone.

Besides traditional alarm transmission methods, the Easy Series also offers new alarm-transmission possibilities including broadband IP communications with GPRS and GSM backup. This offers a highly-reliable, cost-effective solution for remotely-located premises (e.g. holiday homes) since this option eliminates the need for an extra phone line.

In addition, a few seconds after an alarm occurs, monitoring center operators can check the situation on-site by listening-in to the premises or speaking over the phone line to the occupants to corroborate whether there is a real intrusion attempt or false alarm. This helps reduce costs for unnecessary police intervention etc.

The Easy Series also now features an inactivity timer which alerts the monitoring center if the system has not been activated within a specified time. This allows the receiving station to easily determine if an end customer has not used his panel for an extended period, which may indicate that the customer is in need of support or service.

What’s more, a ‘guard code’ allows a security guard to operate the panel and check the premises after an alarm. To rule out any chance of misuse, the guard can only use the code to disarm/re-arm the panel after an alarm has been triggered.

The Easy Series panel also embodies Bosch’s state-of-the-art wireless Local Security Network (wLSN) capability which supports two-way wireless (radio frequency) transmissions. For added convenience, Bosch has complemented the Easy Series portfolio with two additional wLSN devices: a 102 dB wLSN outdoor siren and a wLSN water/temperature detector. The outdoor siren activates a local audible warning to deter intruders. The water/temperature detector provides warnings of water leaks that may cause damage. It also warns of temperatures below +7 degrees Celsius to enable action to be taken to prevent the water supply and heating system from freezing.

The new panel also includes a range of user-convenience functions that enhance a user’s feelings of security. These include remote activation at a garage door, allowing an occupant to access the premises without having to leave his/her car in the dark and automatic illumination to light up the route from garage to house on arrival.