Bosch releases Building Integration System

Bosch Security Systems has recently introduced a new release of its Building Integration System (BIS) offering higher security levels and enhanced access- and video-control functionality.

Introduced several years ago by Bosch Security Systems, the BIS is a modular PC-based suite of software applications that provides total site security management. It integrates a wide range of Bosch and third-party open-standard-compliant security systems into a single platform. Systems that can be integrated by the BIS include fire- and intrusion-alarm, evacuation, access-control, CCTV and building-automation systems. The BIS, moreover, provides a complete status overview of all connected systems and subsystems, right down to the status of individual detectors.

In its latest release, Version 2.2, the BIS supports the Microsoft Vista operating system. To assure this, the BIS ActiveX controls and other functions have been signed, which means that they have been registered at Microsoft. This assures security at the operator station and reduces configuration effort.

In addition, the BIS Access Engine now supports up to four different card formats simultaneously, meeting the requirements of companies who may be merging branches with different access-control readers and cards.

The new BIS Video Engine, which integrates video systems with access-control systems and intrusion alarm systems, has also been upgraded. Enhancements include asymmetric viewing possibilities (one large plus five or seven small images on a single screen). This allows the operator to view scenes of special interest in larger format. In addition, a new freeze command makes use of improved local storage capabilities. At the push of a button, it is now possible to instantly freeze pictures and to zoom into scenes by storing them in a local buffer.

Saving and accessing reference pictures of different cameras permits rapid recognition of manipulated or moved cameras. For example, in a bank vault, if the initial positions of the security cameras are saved, the system will recognize when the angle or picture of a particular camera is changed.

In combination with Bosch’s advanced IP video products (such as Dinion IP cameras and VIP X encoders), the new Video Engine is capable of providing ‘smart’ video/intercom solutions integrating CCTV surveillance and two-way speech to verify the identity of visitors at entrances. By combining this with the new features of the Access Engine, it is possible to create a complete door-management solution including video surveillance, audio communication, card readers and door controllers.

The new version of BIS also features support for third-party interfaces (APIs), allowing third-party applications such as SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to monitor and control subsystems of the BIS such as, for example, access control or intrusion panels.