Rapiscan awarded $3M contract by U.S. freight forwarder

Rapiscan Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of security inspection systems, announced today that it has received a $3 million contract from an undisclosed United States based freight forwarder for multiple Rapiscan MVXR5000 multi-view hold baggage screening systems. The systems are to be used to screen air cargo aboard passenger planes within the U.S. under the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP).

Under the CCSP in accordance with the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, Congress mandated that TSA establish policies to ensure that 50 percent of all air cargo carried on passenger airplanes be inspected by February 2009, with a 100 percent target by August 2010.

Rapiscan Systems President, Ajay Mehra, stated, "For over fifteen years, Rapiscan has provided a broad range of high performance security screening solutions to the global air cargo industry. In the case of TSA's Certified Screening Program, we have worked closely with air cargo companies to develop solutions that meet advanced throughput, detection, timing and budget requirements. We will continue to lead the market in supporting airlines, IACs, freight forwarders and government agencies both in the U.S. and around the world to ensure the implementation of new air cargo screening regulations."

The MVXR 5000 - Part of Rapiscan's Proven Line of Air Cargo Screening Solutions

The Rapiscan MVXR5000 system is a multi-view high quality dual-energy X-ray imaging unit that enables advanced automated explosives detection, class leading image quality and low false alarm rates. It has been deployed in airports worldwide and has the ability to scan up to 1,800 items per hour. It features a built-in flexible system configuration that allows easy integration into any existing security architecture.

The MVXR5000 system is part of Rapiscan's family of air cargo screening solutions, which allow air cargo companies to screen items ranging in size from small parcels to ULD size pallets and containers, and which have been deployed by airlines, freight forwarders and other air cargo companies globally.