AOptix Technologies receives 'best practices award'

CAMPBELL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 14, 2008--AOptix Technologies, Inc. (, a leading edge developer of advanced biometric iris recognition systems, has been awarded the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation in the field of non-invasive biometrics. "Improvements in security require far superior and convenient biometric recognition. Through its innovative concept, AOptix Technologies has introduced the ability to automatically find and then accurately identify a subject's iris within seconds at a 2 meter stand-off distance," explained Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Deepa Rangarajan.

Conventional iris imagers require subjects to accurately position their eyes by moving into close proximity to the iris image capturing device. This is often difficult, especially for new users of iris biometrics. The AOptix adaptive optics technology overcomes this drawback, allowing for very easy, almost effortless subject participation. The system fully automates the process of finding the subject's eye and capturing properly focused and centered images on all subjects. The subject merely needs to step into a very large capture zone of nearly 1 cubic meter, and simply look at the imager.

"The AOptix iris imager fundamentally changes the human factors and usability paradigm for iris recognition, which is considered by many experts to offer the greatest potential for large scale, high accuracy biometric identification," stated Phil Tusa, VP, Biometric Programs at AOptix. "For the first time, the limitations of subject acceptance with conventional systems are overcome, which should permit wide deployment of iris recognition in many emerging applications worldwide."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has carried out new research, which has resulted in innovations that have or are expected to bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. The award recognizes the quality and depth of a company's research and development program as well as the vision and risk-taking that enabled it to undertake such an endeavor, according to Frost & Sullivan. For more information about Frost & Sullivan Awards, visit