Study: Nearly 1 in 5 NC businesses have no continuity plan

AT&T study also finds many business do not consider business continuity a priority

"Businesses of all sizes need to be vigilant about continuity planning, especially in light of how the day-to-day demands of serving customers require an ever-expanding reliance on technology to get the job done," said John Craft , vice president of Enterprise Business Sales for North Carolina and South Carolina , AT&T. "However, a business continuity plan is not enough and in fact, not all companies have one in place. Organizations must regularly test and update their plans to reflect changes in their business so that, in the event of disaster or major security breach, they can be best-prepared to restore and maintain key processes and operations."

AT&T brings its own business continuity and disaster recovery expertise in running and managing some of the world's largest and most complex networks -- including its own -- to businesses worldwide.

AT&T offers a wide array of business continuity services, encompassing disaster planning, risk management, recovery preparedness and communications readiness. AT&T Business Continuity Services are comprehensive, providing enterprises with business-impact analysis, risk assessments, a full continuum of storage solutions, high-availability network solutions and network and IT security solutions.

The company also conducts Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) exercises several times a year. The largest of this year's exercises is underway in Charlotte this week through Wednesday. This event is the 51st technical recovery exercise conducted in the field for AT&T, but the first exercise ever conducted in Charlotte . These events are designed to test, refine and strengthen AT&T's business continuity and disaster recovery services in order to minimize network downtime.

"By conducting these exercises that simulate large-scale disasters and network service disruptions, AT&T is better able to apply and refine best practices for rapidly restoring communications to government and business customers," said Cynthia Marshall , president, AT&T North Carolina. "This exercise is one of the many ways we seek to be as vigilant as possible when preparing for disaster scenarios in the communities that we serve."

The NDR exercise taking place in Charlotte , at the Blake Hotel downtown, includes an extensive deployment of network recovery equipment. AT&T rolled in more than 30 trailers and emergency communications vehicles for the exercise. The NDR operations team onsite at the event includes more than 50 disaster response professionals, including a full Hazmat squad, which is practicing disaster response operations in the Charlotte area.

Throughout the past 10 years, AT&T has invested more than $500 million in its NDR program, which includes specially trained managers, engineers and technicians from across the United States , as well as a fleet of more than 150 self-contained equipment trailers and support vehicles that house the same equipment and components as an AT&T data-routing or voice-switching center.

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