Tactical FLEX launches Aanval 6 Product Technology Brief

Seattle, WA - Tactical FLEX, Inc., a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions that protects businesses and organizations worldwide, today announced the launch of the Aanval 6 Product Technology Brief. Aanval, the company’s primary product is currently the longest running Snort interface under continuous development on the market today and has evolved to become the industry’s leading Snort & Syslog SIEM console and the first and only intrusion console to provide native iOS access to live Snort and Syslog event data. Currently, there are over 6,000 organizations worldwide in more than 100 countries that rely upon Aanval as part of their security infrastructure. These organizations include government security, defense organizations, weapons manufacturers, technology corporations, global financial organizations, space explorations, educational institutions and many others.

The nine-page product technology brief affirms the company’s commitment and dedication in identifying, addressing and solving the world’s growing network security intrusion detection needs with the development of Aanval 6. The product brief provides detailed information on Aanval’s 6 numerous technological features, which takes into account the threats, vulnerabilities and assets of the organization to provide a complete and credible picture of the organization’s entire network security at any given moment. Furthermore, Aanval 6 also gives organizations a unique vision of the threats and infrastructure abuse patterns it encounters. A sophisticated development in Aanval 6 is the Live and Interactive GeoLocation Display feature not traditionally offered by SIEM vendors. These real-time advanced displays integrated with Google Maps help define patterns of internal and external attacks that might go otherwise unnoticed and also offers a search-based event plotting functionality so organizations can obtain a global, visual reference of event attack vectors. Another technological development in Aanval 6 is the ability to store millions and even billions of current and historical data to compare and correlate for an in-depth forensic analysis of events. Data can be stored locally or remotely and remains easily accessible for searching, reports and statistics.

The product technology brief also provides an overview of Aanval 6 commercial licenses, support, training, maintenance and monitoring service packages as well as introduces the innovative iPhone App and powerful Aanval Appliances built with authentic Apple hardware running the latest Apple Operating System Software. All Aanval Appliances are designed to handle as many as 1 billion events or more and pre-configured for full Snort intrusion detection and Syslog correlation functionality out-of-the-box.

The Aanval 6 Product Technology Brief can be viewed by visiting https://www.aanval.com/aanval_6_product_technology_brief.pdf